Polarity Therapy and Acupuncture – The Fusion

Presented by Dr. Van R. Warren, DOM

Polarity Therapy is an energy-based modality that balances the patterns of energy flows in one’s body. The originator, Dr. Randolph Stone, found common ground with Ayurvedic science and Oriental medicine theories. He blended these into a theoretical fusion and practical application which he called Polarity Therapy. Ultimately the goal of both modalities is to restore the integrity of the energy systems of the body in order to unite body, mind, emotions and Spirit into harmonious and vibrant health.

In my 40 years of practicing these disciplines, I have developed acupuncture protocols to balance the energy flows from both Polarity Therapy and CM. These balancing methods go to the deepest layers of the human energy field in order to reset the blueprint for health. These protocols can be incorporated into any acupuncture treatment elegantly and easily.

In this one-day course, plenty of time is given to understanding and mastering these techniques so they can be incorporated into your practice immediately. Come and join us for an interesting, fun and enlightening day!

What you will learn:

  • The major flows of energy according to Polarity Therapy and how to balance them with hands on techniques.
  • The ultrasonic core and chakra system.
  • Acupuncture protocols to activate these Polarity fields while activating the meridian system.
  • Learn these fusion techniques to enhance clinical outcomes without having to work harder!

                                              8 PDA’s awarded through NCCAOM

Van R. Warren, DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) has been practicing Oriental Medicine and many forms of bodywork for over 40 years. He has a deep love for Polarity Therapy and has created a fusion of Polarity and Acupuncture that brings the patient the best of both disciplines. In this class he will teach the culmination of his clinical experience with this blend of these two powerful modalities. Fun, knowledge and CEU’s!

Contact Dr. Warren at [email protected]  or www.drvanwarren.com