The Tao of Conscious Living and Dying

Presented by Dr. Van R. Warren, OMD

Every one of us will die and none knows when that will be. In order to have a conscious and peaceful death, one must create a conscious and peaceful life. By learning how to live a spirit centered life arising from our own Source, we can have more peace and joy now, and a gentler passing of our own. In addition, as we become knowledgeable about the dying process, we can care for the dying with greater compassion and less fear.

In this course, the Tao of Conscious Living and Dying, we will explore the philosophies and techniques from the ancient Taoist and Oriental medicine texts that point to a life more fully rooted in Tao. From this perspective, we will learn protocols to assist the living and the dying on their path of “Returning to Source”. Participants will learn how to guide someone through this sacred transformation in the most gentle and profound way that Tao offers.

What we will learn:

  • Acupuncture protocols for end of life care
  • Bodywork techniques for assisting mental, emotional and spiritual balance
  • The uses of essential oils that support conscious living and dying
  • Enhancing communication skill
  • Deepening the skill of compassion
  • Developing a deeper presence of Tao

      14 PDA’s (CEUs) are approved by NCCAOM

This live course is presented by Dr. Van R Warren, OMD, DOM, Dipl. Ac. He has been in private acupuncture practice for over 30 years. In this seminar he shares his knowledge, experience and observations on conscious living and conscious dying. This class is experiential and hands on. What will you bring to this discussion?

 If this subject speaks to your Heart, please register early as the classes will fill quickly and be offered only a few times in 2019.

Contact Van at: [email protected] or www.


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